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BABEL by Michael Christain

Michael Christian's Windpipes formed an enormous bronchial tree, inviting participants to create music by forcing air though its internal pipe organ. A bronchial form, controlled by participants, oscillate, activating an internal pipe organ structure. The piece radiates at night in reaction to the pipes as the participants control the air flow.

Hand-blown Glass and Copper Solar Powerd Roses

Other projects:
The Nebulous Entity is a mobile platform. The strategy of its structural and human design is to create a hyperactive interface between performers and participants. The entity consists of four parts: A central tower that houses a generator, lighting and sound system, lasers and other equipment; the moving platform and stage set, on which the tower is mounted; numerous and extensive tentacles that surround the platform at and above ground level; and single and free-moving performers who accompany the tentacles.

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