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t h e . f i r e . g a r d e n .} Kelek's Tesla Coil
"Saucer" by Dave Andres

Tesla Coil Built by Kelek
If "modern" electrcity can be seen as small men efficiently doing their work, the Tesla Coil is a twelve foot tall caveman, swinging his club to the moon and beating his chest.  Living as domesticated beasts we forget about the caveman, the raw power of the forces of nature that we "control".  I built this coil as an ode to Nicola Tesla, who in defiance of the practical and mundane set out to give the world his dreams.  (Besides the fact that its a incredible lightning show.)

About the artist:
What I am most proud of in no particular order:  I can tapdance, plunk the banjo, write good songs, sing them alright, and make silly costumes, all of which can be seen in my show the Fitzcock Follies.  I've started a non-profit called the Open Window Project, which brings performances to people in old age homes and mental institutions. I'm a flag girl in the Extra Action Marching Band. I used to sword swallow, but now I've got a good scar.  I've built a variety of bizarre oversized toys, including a bombshell wooden marionette, two victrolaphones, a little ship on big wheels, and of course a buzzy toy called a Tesla Coil. That's about the tall and short of it.

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