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SunBrothers { solar powered sculpture

KEVIN GAUNA While getting his degree in Material Science from UC Berkeley, Kevin Gauna became fascinated with solar power, while also realizing that his future did not lie in the traditional Engineering field.

received his degree in Astrophysics from UC Berkeley, and has tried every hobby he could get into.

Since 1995, they have been working together under the name SUNBROTHERS, creating solar powered botanical sculptures. Kevin is the tireless perfectionist and innovator of the duo, while Dennis considers himself both the source of enthusiasm, and the naysayer. Their art is a masterful blend of science and nature. Copper, hand-blown glass and electronics are fashioned, with passionate detail, into realistic analogs of the plant world. Their work to date has included sunflowers, corn stalks, pea vines, and roses.

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Solar Peas : SunbrothersHand-blown Glass and Copper Solar Powerd Roses

Solar Peas and Roses by Sunbrothers


Genetically Engineered Corn Burningman 2001
by the Sunbrothers
A field of solar powered corn stands guarded by a businessman sentinel. Bills of money and a copy of the bulletin "Hazards of Electrically Engineered Foods and Crops" peak out of the briefcase he's holding. The cell phone in his other hand remains quiet, well outside of any service range... Solar cells in the leaves of the corn plants charge a set of batteries during the day. At night, a hidden microprocessor powers the LED lights in the glass corn ears.