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therm { fire sculpture
DAVID ANDRES has combined his inventive experience in both mechanical design and mechanical and sculptural art to create two remarkable organizations. Triple Aught Inc. is an engineering company building next generation energy technologies based on David's portfolio of patents. He is also founder of Therm, a group of artists who have performed with their innovative fire sculpture garden to audiences of over 2000, as well as smaller private exhibits. His emission-free engine designs may create a place for him in business, but it is his art that inspires these elegant new designs. 
VANCE CEARLEY started his career with a BFA focusing primarily on 2-D work such as photography, drawing, painting and lithography. Shortly out of school he entered the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) where he taught himself to make full size functioning plate armor. From there he entered the world of metal sculpture and bronze casting. After more than ten years of experience in all aspects of making and casting bronze art, he helped found Therm where he has been expressing his form of fire sculpture for over three years.
JUSTIN GRAY has over nine years of experience in metal fabrication and has run a successful fabrication business for the last four years. He has worked with many mediums of fabrication in commissioned sculpture, furniture and home installations all of which contribute to his more recent explorations in the world of fire sculpture. His sculptures attempt to merge the realm of functionality with his unique artistic sensibilities to create bold pieces, which range from being the centerpiece of their environments to more subtle accents of industrial beauty. ORION FREDERICKS approaches sculpture as a form of language. Manifesting his communication with materials such as metal, glass, fiber, plastics, recycled materials, paper, pigments, water, sound, fire and light. With this language, the observer is provided with new tools of sensory awareness. Orion has shown throughout the US.

TIMOTHY KUKULSKI comes to us by way of the MIT media lab, where he explored the possiblities of the then 'new' media of computer graphics An early teacher turned him on to it, saying "there's this lab, where they take milliion dollar computers, and they give them to artists." "What does the medium want to do?" Timothy Kukulski asks. The most recent answer, shown by the fire clouds is "relax". These quiet, atmospheric pieces that gently hold the fire, entrancing, embracing, and seducing the viewer with the sensuous spirit of etherial combustion--allowing fire to slow down and show itself as a floating liquid.

Zach Wetzel has been working as an assistant pyrotechnician in the Bay Area for the past five years. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in sculpture and conceptual art at SFSU. Zach sees fire as a medium and a means of fusing static with kinetic sculpture. Being of the opinion that art is communication (among other things), he feels that in order for any work to communicate effectively it must have a "voice" and a "message". "I see the use of fire as a "voice"; a way to call to the audience in exclamation"
OTHER PROJECTS: Thermo Kraken by THERM Burningman 2002

Abandoned by the sea, freed from its timeless imprisonment to ancient gods, transformed by the hard and fiery desert, The Thermo Kraken awaits. Standing 23 feet tall it looms above the flat plane of cracked alkaline. Shorn of ancient obligations and transformed from fluid to arid life the Kraken erupts in fiery defiance. Once delicate, now hard. Once sustained by water: yea, created in water, now sustained by fire: exultant in fire. The Kraken sings its staccato song in pounding fire rhythms, spitting hallucinogenic fire across its lonely lifeless landscape. Once many: now three life sustaining, sun drinking crystal pods growing from its trilateral trunk cackle in luminescent multicolored harmony. The Kraken's rhythm builds and builds, layering its pyrotechnic song higher and higher 'til its screaming heart erupts in a vertical orgasm of flaming fury, howling its defiance to long-dead gods and exulting in freedom and transformation.